Go Green

Go Green and Save Money!

We are passionate about providing products that are not only eco-friendly, but save our customers money too. By making a few changes to the way you maintain your pool and by upgrading your equipment you could save up to 90% on your utility bills.

Variable Speed Pumps

Benefits of Installing a Variable Speed Pump:                 

  • Contains a built in timer to ensure the pump runs at optimum speed and duration and speed settings are programmable.                                                                                                            Variable Speed Pump
  • Energy savings up to 90% versus traditional pumps
    Extremely quiet compared traditional style pumps.

Click here to see how much money you can save on your electric bill by installing a Pentair variable speed pump.

To check your utility company for current rebates on variable speed pumps: Click Here


Automatic pool cleaners are the ideal accessory for swimming pool maintenance. Utilizing a pool cleaner that runs off of your existing equipment or occasionally using a robotic cleaner is the best way get your pool clean and are more energy efficient compared to using other models that require a booster pump.

Pool cleaners that are in poor condition and do not move throughout the pool, leave debris behind and do not sweep the entire surface of the pool, which in turn can lead to algae growth. When algae blooms it often requires the use of costly chemicals and maintenance equipment in order to get rid of it.   Pool sweeper

Benefits of using a Suction Side Pool Cleaner:

  • It runs when your equipment runs no need to fuss with putting it in and taking it out of the pool (unless you need to do so for a pool party, etc.)
  • The price point is very reasonable.
  • They remove debris in between regular pool maintenance.

Benefits of using a Robotic Pool Cleaner:  robotic pool cleaner  

  • Most models are capable of being programmed to run as much or as little as you need for your specific pool.
  • Plugs into a wall socket and contains it’s own filter bag and motor, which means you do not need to run your equipment to use this pool cleaner. Saving you money on your electricity bill.
  • Some models will even clean your tile with built in rubber bristles.
pool heater

Jandy Hi-E2 Heater


If you have had your pool heater for more than 10 years you may want to consider upgrading it. Compared to the old style pool heaters, today’s models are much more energy efficient, which   will save you money on your utility bill.

The Most Efficient Heater: Zodiac Hi-E2
With an impressive 95% heating efficiency rating, the Hi-E2 outperforms any other gas heater, reducing operating costs by 30% or more. This ultra-efficient, low-maintenance heater is the perfect choice when considering economic operation or an extended swimming season. Dual thermostat controls make this an excellent solution for pool and spa combinations.

Raypak pool heater

Raypak 207A – 407A Low Nox Heater


  • A unique forced-air system makes this the ideal heater for use in extreme weather and in difficult or unusual locations.
  • Safe and easy to maintain, the Hi-E2 employs our hot surface ignition system, completely eliminating the pilot light.
  • High-tech composite, corrosion resistant materials and quality construction keeps the Hi-E2 working years longer than the competition.
  • Trouble free operation – Self-cleaning ignition, automatic venting, and a high velocity heat exchanger work together to provide reliability and safety.
Pentair Pool Heater

Pentair Mastertemp Heater

Other brands offer specific heater models that are certified for low nitrous oxide emissions and are up to 84% efficient. These models meet emissions standards in all Low Nox areas and will not only be a “green” option, but will also save you money on your utility bill.



Solar Covers 

The California drought has pool owners concerned about excess water usage in their swimming pools especially DPSS Solar Blanketduring the summer months. Many people are looking for a solution to water evaporation and luckily there are a few different options available to conserve water and also save money.

Prevent Water Evaporation & Cut Heating Expenses up to 70%: 

Solar Blanket: This is the most effective way of preventing water evaporation from swimming pools as it covers the entire surface of the pool, reducing evaporation by up to 95%. Solar blankets    also absorb DPSS Solar Ringsthermal energy and convert it into heat, which will raise the temperature of your pool water by 7-10 degrees.

Solar Sun Rings:  Are compatible with all pool types and surfaces, approximately 5 ft. in diameter, and a much safer and easier to remove than a solar blanket. The rings require minimal inflation in order to float on the surface of the pool and connect together with magnets on the outer perimeter of the ring. We recommend enough Solar Sun Ring be purchased to cover up to 70% to 80% of the pool surface. They provide up to 21,000 BTU’s of heat per day and may increase your pool temperature up to 8 degrees, DPSS Liquid Cover 125saving you money on energy costs.

Solar Spa Cover available for use on spas.

Liquid Solar Blanket: This is a liquid that is added to the pool weekly or monthly (depending on the brand) that will prevent evaporation and reduce heat loss. Even when the water is disturbed by the wind or bathers, it reforms the liquid barrier at the surface. It does not have an effect on the water chemistry, is safe for swimmers, and is completely invisible. The initial cost of this product is the least expensive compared to the solar blanket and Solar Sun Rings for preventing evaporation and reducing heat loss.