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Top 5 Tips for Getting Rid of Algae in a Pool or Spa

April 3, 2015 7:20 am Published by Comments Off on Top 5 Tips for Getting Rid of Algae in a Pool or Spa

Algae is a very common issue that most pool/spa owners must face especially when there is an increase in bather load, warm weather, and/or lack of water filtration.

STEP 1: Brush

Remove algae by brushing all surfaces of the pool/spa. This process will stir up and aggravate the algae which puts it into suspension.

STEP 2: Shock

Shocking means super chlorinating or adding enough chlorine (usually liquid or granular) to kill algae and other bacteria that may be present in the water.

STEP 3: Use an Algaecide

There are many different choices when it comes to algaecides so make sure to read the label or consult a pool professional before applying it to the water. They often contain different active ingredients which may alter the way the product is applied.

STEP 4: Filter the Water

The water must be filtered for a minimum of 24 hours after steps one, two, and three have been completed. This will allow the dead algae particles to be caught in the filter elements. Sometimes it is necessary to run the equipment longer than 24 hours to make sure all algae is removed. Running an automatic pool cleaner or manually vacuuming the pool will help speed up the process. Once the pool has cleared up and the algae has been caught in the filter, it is recommended that the filter be backwashed or the filter be “deep cleaned” meaning the filter elements inside are removed and cleaned or replaced if necessary.

For Heavy Algae Growth

If algae growth is heavy multiple treatments may be necessary and/or the filter may need to be cleaned multiple times.

STEP 5: Prevention

To prevent future algae growth, use a preventative algaecide and a phosphate remover on a weekly basis. Click Here to Learn More About Phosphates. (link to other blog article about phosphates)

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